Welcome to our special Halloween Party


We will have a festival, Tenaraino-ichi (Art Market,てならいの市)

in the square in front of Shinnarashino station(Keiyo Line)

           on October 5th and 6th.


In this event, you can buy handicrafts, enjoy performances, join "trick or treat" game, operate robots, and get information about NPO in Narashino city.


On Saturday(October 5th) 10:00~18:00

On Sunday(October 6th)     9:00~17:00


If you want to join "Robot Race," please fill the form.

You must apply with your family or friends.(You shold get in the pairs.)

If you have a question, please send a e-mail [yume.tenaraino1@gmail.com]


You should write

①Who are going to join the "Robot Race?"

(You must write the names of both applicants)

②When are you going to join the "Robot Race?"(Saturday or Sunday?)

in Message below.


After your application will be accepted, we will send you an e-mail.



This is a photo taken on May 26th, in "3rd Tenarai no ichi(Art Market,てならいの市)"  


at the square of Shinnarashhino Station

This is a robot for "Robot Race"
You can operate it!


Why don't you try it?

Application Form is below!!

Information in English
You can get information about this event in English!
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Application Form

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